Welcome to Full Circle:  A Conversation about Dying and Death

Why would anyone want to talk, read, or even think about death? Until coming face-to-face with the cold fact of mortality, there often isn’t much conversation about this taboo subject. When someone’s death does disrupt our expectations of living on into the future, the meanings we give to life come into focus.

Death is the great unknown. Dying, however, can be observed and discussed and reported on. Dying can be shared and comforted. Dying can be approached with intention and awareness, the idea being to fill the process with compassion and to live as fully as possible in the meantime.

Every living thing expires. While the cause of one’s death may be beyond control, how we think about dying and how we act in the face of death are up to us. We have choices. This conversation is meant to explore those choices from as many angles as possible. We invite you to join us in Full Circle.